Zukunft des Lernens Blog


In 2017 during the corporate learning 2025 MOOC (Colearn.de / #cl2025) I got asked by Prof. Dr. Volkmar Langer (@volkmarla) if I would like to start a Blog with him and Carsten Wittmer (@carstenwittmer) regarding the topic “the future of learning“. I felt very honoured and excepted his offer happily. 🙂 With Karlheinz Pape (@khpape) we already found an other co-writer for our Blog. We would like to offer some fresh and different perspectives around learning and education. Hopefully we can trigger new thoughts and ideas to help renovating our learning and education system.



If you would like to contribute to our Blog or have any questions or interesting topics we should write about, please get in contact with me. I’m very curious in which topics you are interested in, to learn more about it.

Sharing is Caring! 🙂

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