ProductBro – Customer Service 4.0


Service needs an update!

As soon as you have a question to a product, or need help, or the product is not working anymore, you normally think first: “Puh, f***. How do I find the manual, how do I reach the customer service, where is the invoice, who else could help me? Or if it’s a product combined with a personal interest or hobby, “how and where can I find people who bought the same product?”

The ProductBro is a mobile Customer Service, Community and Training platform which lifts your Customer Engagement und Experience to a whole new level.

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If you are a Service Provider we can help you to automate your Service, to build Customer Communities and open a direct channel to your Customer, where you stay in charge of the Customer Data you collect. Nobody else. Customer Data will be the new Gold of the Network Society, so don’t lose contact and your power like e.g. Hotels did after came up. 😉 



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