Industrie 4.0 Learning Arrangement


In 2016 we (Prof. Dr. Stephan Fischer, Prof. Dr. Joachim Schuler, Prof. Dr. Mike Barth, Annegret Zimmermann and myself) designed a modern Industrie 4.0 learning setting at the University of Pforzheim to educate our students better for this hot topic. Like always we had to apply for external funds to be able to make this learning arrangement a reality. Sadly we didn’t get it, because of our real Industrie 4.0 facility which made it difficult to use our learning arrangement in other Universities. It’s a really modern way to train people about Industrie 4.0 with the support of a mobile learning app, VR/AR elements, some lectures, some practical transfer team tasks with levels and quiz units and an excursion to BASF in Ludwigshafen.

At the moment our solution is resting and waiting for new funding rounds we can apply on.



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